Alternative Investment Planning

phAlternative Investment PlanningThere are three types of basic, traditional investments: stocks, bonds and cash. Anything else can be considered an “alternative” investment. Some examples include hedge funds, commodities, real estate, energy and derivatives. GRAnderson Wealth Management Group can help with all these, and more.. Typically, the value of alternative investments move independently of the stock/bond/cash markets; and quite often, the alternative investments are less liquid than their “traditional” cousins.

Since alternative investments often tend to be a bit more complex than straight-up purchases of stocks and bonds, they are more often held by institutional investors or high net-worth individuals who have the time and resources to understand the complexities and track the investments (and the industries related to those investments). This is especially true of hedge funds, derivatives, and short-sales of commodities. Quite often, alternative investments require relatively high minimum initial investments to get involved. Representatives of GRAnderson Wealth Management Group are happy to assist you in determining whether alternative investments are appropriate for your portfolio and, if so, how to get started.



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